How to develop fades itself

Quick guide to get you up and running in fades development.

Getting the code

Clone the project:

git clone

Install dependencies

fades manages it’s own dependencies, so there is nothing extra you need to install.

How to run the tests

When starting development, at all times, and specially before wrapping up a new branch, you need to be sure that all tests pass ok.

This is very simple, actually, just run:


That will not only check test cases, but also that the code complies with aesthetic recommendations, and that the README document has a proper format.

If you want to run one particular test, just specify it. Example:

./test tests.test_main:DepsMergingTestCase.test_two_different

Development process

Just pick an issue from the list.

Develop, assure ./test is happy, commit, push, create a pull request, etc.

Please, if you aim for creating a Pull Request with new code (functionality or fixes), include tests for your changes.

Thanks! Enjoy.